“The way
we spend our time
defines who we are.”



Livia’s world and passion is about continuously discovering and learning more. Her persistent aim is one of self-improvement and a better understanding of the nature of humanity with all of its flaws and wonder.

Her purpose is to evolve through as many intense and emotionally engaging and transformational experiences in life as possible. Her major degrees are in Management & Leadership and Recreation Management & Health Promotion. Her skills include coaching, training, teaching, personal development and growth as well as health & life guidance. She has trained more than 200 people in different wellness fields and she considers these experiences to have been her most challenging, affirming and character defining years.

After finishing her work and studies in 2015 she emmigrated to Vancouver, BC, Canada.


I’m a passionate advocate of growth. Every day I walk the neverending path of self-improvement to become better spiritually and more evolved human being. I strive to gain a deep knowledge of life through in-depth life-changing experiences, intrapersonally or interpersonally, while stretching my limits and discovering new sources of human potential.

My journey, going forward, is fueled by my desire to evolve personally and stretch myself to the utmost. There is a fire that burns fiercely when I am involved in the transformation of others. When I can assist someone on their path and witness the beauty of their change, I feel grateful.


“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody.”


El Camino

“It always seems impossible
until it’s done.”